We have the juiciest interview with Colton on episode 7 (season 6). He tells us exactly how he and Tia connected on Instagram and what they did and where they stayed during their one romantic weekend together. He lets us in on how he feels about Tia’s interference in his relationship with Becca.

Colton and I discuss the parallels in our storylines. We were both 26-year-old virgins on the show that didn’t come off as how one would normally stereotype a upper-twenties-something virgin. We both decided to wait for sex, but not for religious reasons, and we both hid our inexperience from friends and family in the past. He and I express out frustration over how some make it seem like virginity is a roadblock in a blooming relationship.

After getting Colton’s side of the story, we call Tia and Becca’s friend Caroline for her point of view on the love triangle. Caroline knows why Tia kept her feelings concealed for as long as she did. Caroline had a plan in place before the season started to prevent Colton from making it far. You’ve gotta her this! Plus, she reveals the Colton and Becca met before the show…but how?! You’ll have to listen!

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