Episode 115: Next Week’s No Good For Me, The Jonas Brothers Are In Town – In dedication to the Jonas Brothers reunion, Lauren, “feminist rants” Lizzie, and I reminisce on our 27 Jonas Brothers concerts. (It’s not 28 after their secret LA show ;)) We get nostalgic about flirting with them via the stage, embarrassed about the personalized gifts we gave the guys, and laugh at how we dressed like them. We read old, cryptic tweets we wrote about the girlfriends of their youth and I cringe hard at the thought of scream singing Avril’s “Girlfriend” in the parking lot after a Jonas concert. We remember the time we actually waited outside the Ticketmaster office for tickets in the wee hours of the morning. Lauren, Lizzie, and I explain how we were able to weasel into the Jonas’s private CD release party for “A Little Bit Longer” and how awkward it was facing Taylor Swift at the party’s popular table.

It should also be mentioned that the Jonas Brothers gave me a tiny bit of credit for creating buzz around a possible reunion in a Pop Buzz radio interview. You can see it below at the 2:01 mark.

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