Episode 117: Morning Ramble – We didn’t intend on reminiscing on our pubescent years for the majority of this podcast, but Lauren and Naz’s new love for the Hulu show Pen15 led us down that road. Naz and Lauren share stories of blowing off parents to the best of their abilities and I talk about how I found it to be whacky to sit next to friends on the field trip bus rather than my mom. We discuss the intensity of middle school libido. For example, once Lauren refused to write Lauren Iaconetti on her homework and tests. She insisted that she was “Lauren Hanson” because she was mentally married to Zac Hanson. I recall how I loved when my crush would make fun of me in the school hallway because he was acknowledging my presence. Plus! I tell Lauren and Naz about the time I sliced my finger open in art class and had to have my hot teacher walk me to the nurse’s office.

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