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The I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 44

The I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 44

Episode 44: We Don’t Get Air Travel – I mean, obviously we get that it’s a necessary evil in the first world, but there’s just so many annoying things about flying. They’re charging for carry-ons basically now! You’ll hear how fired up I am about this! Oh, and overweight bags! Is it really any different if I move 5 pounds from my big suitcase into my carry on? It’s all weight going on the plane! I’ve been mind boggled for quite some time why people stand in line while they to wait to board the plane when they have an assigned seat. Also! Why is it when flight attendants go through the aisle collecting trash does it feel like they’re purposely trying to ignore the garbage in my hand?! Yeaaahhh…We had a lot to vent about considering I fly about once a week.

To end this episode, I reveal quite possibly the most embarrassing thing I’ve admitted thus far on the podcast. Hint: It’s something I did in an effort to be less bloated on cross country flights. ?

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