Episode 68: Heart Broken Anonymous – The episode starts out with some I Don’t Get Its…like sleeping in socks and bra, who does that?! To restrain the boobies or keep them free? Nipple stimulation…you get it or not?

After all those light topics, we delve into heartbreak. I talk about how I had dinner with my Big in October and completely lost interest in him. I matured and removed those rose colored glasses. Realizing and accepting that Mr. Big doesn’t possess so many of the qualities I need in a spouse, my world opened up for people who are good for me to find their way in.

I had this realization shortly after I attended my first Heart Broken Anonymous meeting. Naz created Heart Broken Anonymous, a support group for people suffering from a broken heart, about a year ago. One of the monthly meetings attendees calls into the podcast to discuss her story of love and loss. Anyone who has ever had a broken heart, will be able to relate to this episode and feel comfort knowing that your feelings and reactions are totally normal and should be nurtured, not shamed.

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