Episode 73: Long Nails, Cellulite, and *NSYNC v. BSB – Recently I was doing an event for a clothing line and they showed me a rack of size two jean shorts and mini skirts to select from. My ass and thighs aren’t a size 2. Thankfully I’m secure and proud to have a curvy bottom half and have no desire to fit into this size, even if it’s the standard “influencer” size. I’m thankful to the Kardashians for their role in proving to women that curves are sexy…I feel like guys have always felt this way. I’ve never understood why women who aren’t naturally twiggy strive to be stick figures. One things I wish the Kardashians would use their body image platform for is making us feel better about our stretch marks and cellulite. Apparently they have it, but they airbrush it all.

In addition to touching on body image on this episode, we also talk about my experience covering *NSYNC’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and their old rivalry with the Backstreet Boys. Plus, we don’t get stick shifts and how HGTV’s House Hunters works.

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