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The I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 86

The I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 86

Episode 86: Pvlove & Fitness – This month I threw up from eating a meal that was too healthy. I swear, that’s what it was. Jared and I came back from a month of trips where I ate way too much crap and I was like, “I’m going to get back to LA and eat super clean and try being a vegetarian.” I had one big plate raw zucchini pasta   and got so sick afterwards that I completely reconsidered going on a healthy pre-wedding regimen.

But then I took my first Pvolve class a couple days after and figured out a routine I could actually stick with and get results from (with Shake Shack on occasion and never zucchini pasta). Stephen Pasterino, the founder of Pvolve, created a work out you can do from home that shapes the female body better than yoga, cardio, free weights, pilates, etc. In this podcast, he explains his technique that targets women’s problem areas and keeps a sexy curve shape where they’re desired.

I love how low-impact this workout is and how quickly you can do it at home. You feel it just enough to want to do it again the next day without dreading it. The moves are based on physical therapy techniques that strengthen little muscles that make a big impact on your appearance. Stephen, a go-to trainer for numerous Victoria Secret models, joins us on the I Don’t Get It podcast to discuss how to get rid of arm flab or saddlebags at home.

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