Episode 91: Influencer and Instagram Model Sommer Ray – I’ll admit before Sommer Ray walked into our home, I was wondering what kind of personality an Instagram model famous for wearing skimpy bikinis that show off her gorgeous, curvy butt would have. Would she be conceited? Would she be able to relate to non-model girls? It didn’t take long for Sommer’s personality to shine and for me to realize how down-to-earth she is.

Sommer is friendly and personable and makes about $50,000 per Instagram ad. For her hot body, you’d be surprised how little time she devotes to the gym. Ugh, 22-year-olds. Despite wearing skimpy suits on the ‘gram, Sommer’s quite conservative and humble. She has a boyfriend, who also speaks on the podcast about how it feels to have millions of men looking at his significant other’s body daily. Sommer’s mom is also talking to us about her past in body building and if she condones her daughter’s job.

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