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The I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episodes 24 & 25

The I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episodes 24 & 25

Episode 24: Why is Dating So Hard/ with guest Olivia Caridi – This podcast is a basically just a girl chat about our week and current romantic complications. Olivia and I both had dates we were excited about this week. One date turned out really well while the other was disappointing to say the least. Listen to find out who had the better time and who decided to give into the booty call text.

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Episode 25: I Don’t Get Dating Problems – Dr. Dana Rice, a young urologist, discusses with us the causes of UTIs and how to prevent them. She just designed an app to help track symptoms for those who are UTI prone. We debunk some female health wive’s tales and get kinda dirty when we discuss sex and your health “down there.” Let’s just say, porn puts some bad ideas into guys’ minds.

You can download the UTI tracker HERE.

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New episodes are uploaded to iTunes every Monday morning. If you’re an Apple user, please subscribe HERE so that the new podcast is delivered to you automatically each week. If you’re not an Apple user, please visit out podcast home page HERE.

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