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The Suitress: A Digital Dating Series in Quarantine

The Suitress: A Digital Dating Series in Quarantine

One of my best friends, Naz Perez, just turned 30-years-old and she’s never had a serious relationship, but she’s going to make the most incredible significant other one day. She’s a total romantic, beautiful, and a great communicator. Naz is an entertainment host and producer looking for a modern man in touch with his feelings. She was stressed out by not having the opportunity to date during quarantine, so my sister and I decided to produce a digital show to help her out…and entertain ourselves. In The Suitress, we set Naz up on blind dates via phone in the comfort over her home. Naz does not know what the men look like. However, the men do know what Naz looks like. Naz gets to know the suitors in separate 15 minute phone calls.

Towards the end of the series, Naz gets on the phone with her four favorite suitors and it’s broadcasted on the I Don’t Get It podcast. Naz will has individual, 10 minute conversations with each of them. Following this and a Q&A with Ashley & Lauren, Naz selects the man she feels she has the most chemistry with and will go on an in-person date with him at the end of quarantine.

If you like The Bachelor and Love is Blind, The Suitress is your low budget (actually zero budget) treat during quarantine.

All episodes of The Suitress will be uploaded to my YouTube Channel and embedded below the day after the live stream.

The Suitress: Episode 1

Naz bonds with Mystery Suitor #1 over meditation, meals, and cathartic crying sessions.

The Suitress: Episode 2

Mystery suitor #2 is an actor and and personal trainer that has been spending his time in quarantine drawing cartoons.

The Suitress: Episode 3

Mystery suitor #3 is a Mississippi native who is studying for his Phd in clinical psychology in Los Angeles.

The Suitress: Episode 4

Mystery suitor #4 earned his Masters in Business at Berkeley and works as a consultant in Texas.

The Suitress: Episode 5

Mystery suitor #5 is an LA native that works in marketing for plastic surgeons. 

The Suitress: Episode 6

Mystery suitor #6 lives in San Diego, is family oriented, and swam in the Olympic trials. 

The Suitress: Episode 7

Mystery suitor #7 is an LA native that now works as an NBC News reporter in Houston, TX. He’s got a quick wit and pays attention to detail. 

The Suitress: Episode 8

Mystery Suitor #8 lives in Brooklyn, but is quarantining with his parents in Georgia. He thinks he’s funny, but this self-admission is not a turn off.

The Suitress: Episode 9

Naz sees the photos of the men she decided not to take to the next round. Watch her reaction as she sees Suitors #2, #3, #4, and #5 for the first time below.

The Suitress: Episode 10

This one is just audio…for now. Listen to the I Don’t Get It podcast episode below in which Naz speaks with Suitors #1, 6, 7, and 8 again. Each of the four men get 10 minute, blind Zoom audio chats with Naz to connect with her more.

The Suitress: Episode 11 (The Finale!)

Listen to the I Don’t Get It podcast episode below in which Lauren and I interview the final two Suitors standing…or do we? There’s a big, last minute twist to our reality dating series, as there must always be. At the end of the episode, Naz braces to see the man she has chosen to go on a date with in real life.

The Suitress: The Faces Revealed

Naz sees the man she chose for the first time as well as a photo of her runner up. 

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